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The Curve by Perfect Position Review – Rocking Away to Orgasm



Special Features: Can work with other Position Aids, including the Liberator Line.
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High quality. Carrying case. Plays well with other position aids. Opens up a world of positions.



Bottom Line

Like others looking to add a positional aid to their collection, we were initially drawn to Liberator’s line of products. The lack of reviews for the Perfect Position line was a huge barrier in our selecting The Curve. But, having taken the risk we can gladly say it was a worthy bet and the company’s relatively new presence in the market should not be a factor when it comes to buying The Curve! All-in-all this is a great product and we look forward to trying out other items from them!

Posted August 8, 2012 by Beneath The Bed

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Curve Sex Cushion by Perfect Position

Truth be told it took us many weeks to make decision regarding this purchase. We constantly debated between Perfect Position’s The Curve Sex Cushion and Liberator’s Scoop Sex Cushion. While they both appear to be relatively the same size and measurements, Liberator has the added advantage of having more color options and being an established brand in the market of positional aids.

However, we decided to risk it and give the new guy a try and went along with Perfect Position. Thankfully the gamble paid off and we couldn’t be happier with the product!

Curve’s Design

Perfect Position Curve

The Curve measures 40″ x 24″ x 12″ in length, width and height respectively and comes currently in only one color — black. While the lack of color choices is slightly disappointing, it’s still not bad given that we probably would’ve gone for something muted and dark; the reason for this being two-fold. Firstly this item is big, really big! We own a couple of Liberator products, such as the BonBon & Ramp and the Curve easily dwarfs them. Something of that size in a bright color would stick out like a sore thumb in our apartment. With the color being black, it doesn’t draw too much unwanted attention to itself.

The Curve Isometric View

Secondly we’ve found that over time our collection has become a hodge-podge of various different colored products and wouldn’t mind being able to go back and stick with one color theme — black being the likely candidate of choice. Though one word of caution, while The Curve’s color is an advantage in the above-described situations, it can be slightly revealing when it comes to lint or hair. Those with pets might want to keep their little darlings away from it or at least keep it covered while not in use.

Perfect Position Curve Carrying Cover

Thankfully though Perfect Position has this covered and conveniently provide an outer carry bag which doubles as protector and allows easier transport with the provided hand grip (it’s a lot easier to carry something this size like a suitcase, as opposed to lugging it around in both your hands.

The next layer (starting from the outside) is a micro-suede cover whose main purpose is to make The Curve feel just wonderful against your skin. Both of us agree that the quality of this outer micro-suede cover is as good as anything else we have experienced in the market. Those who have owned Liberator’s Ramp or something with their Microfiber cover should be already familiar about how The Curve would feel. An interesting thing is that while Liberator also a micro-suede outer covering in, for example, in the BonBon, it does not feel the same as Perfect Position’s micro-suede layer. In a way Perfect Position’s micro-suede is equivalent to Liberator microfiber — at least as far as tactile perceptions are considered.

Inner Protective Layer

Next up (or in) is a foam cover, which is liquid proof and prevents any bodily fluids, lubricants and what-have-you — that have made their way through the micro-suede layering — from reaching the foam core of the product. We haven’t had a chance to spill anything on the Curve that has made its way past the micro-suede, but it’s still nice knowing that there is an additional layer of protection should the need ever arise!

Curve Foam Core

And finally comes the “High density foam” core. It is firm and yet has a nice give to it when you lay or sit on top of it. One reason why we really like The Curve is because the foam slightly gives and cups whatever is being pressed into it. This is obviously more prominent if one were to kneel on it, as opposed to lying on top of it on your back. Basically the smaller the contact area and great the pressure the more give there is. This works out extremely well for making a lot of positions a lot less taxing/painful.

The Curve Sex Cushion’s Performance

Now the fun part! The Curve is a godsend for those who have any type of difficulty when it comes to having sex in more creative positions. While pornstars might be able to make the standing 69 look easy; most of us are not so limber and need a little help when it comes to adding a little extra in our sexual repertoires! This is where “you’re imagination is the only limit” applies aptly. The most basic way to use the Curve is simply with partner lying back on top of it (the curve’s flatter side facing the ground). But simply switch it upside down and now you have a nice little device to rock you partner as you thrust into them.

But don’t think penetrative sex is the only thing you can enjoy with this item. Oral becomes a lot easier when you don’t have to work your neck in awkward angles. I personally find it a lot easier to go down on L when her pelvis is angled slightly upwards and is higher off the bed/floor. We’ve also found the lying back on the curvier sides tends to open up the spine and the legs and gives the other person a nice view and angle to work their magic from (not to mention it really feels great on the back!).

Curve on top of Liberator Ramp

Curve on top of the  Ramp

Another thing we’ve been doing is mixing both the Ramp and The Curve in our sessions. Due to the material on the Curve, while its feels nice and smooth against one’s skin, it forms a nice grip with products of similar material. We have found that you can place the curve on the Ramp and there is absolutely no give as you place your weight on it. This opens up a new world of positions (given that you own other Perfect Position or Liberator Products). Not only that, start using this with other objects around your house and you can add even more variation! In all honesty trying to list and describe them all would take forever (though if there is something that you’ve discovered and would like to share then do write in the comments below).


Where to Buy

Eden Fantasys SheVibe


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    Thanks for the fabulous review! I’ve been looking at the Perfect Postition pillows, but wasn’t sure about them since I had never heard of them before Eden started carrying them. Maybe I’ll add some to my Liberator set.

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